Moving on after 2150

Mizzou journalism is a roller coaster. Much of what we learn is as we go. Sometimes it is difficult, but almost always it is worth it.

This class has helped me grow as a multimedia journalist. Where I have seen myself grow the most is in video.

I never realized how much work goes into a 2 minute video. To achieve a 5-shot sequence,  the videographer needs a lot of shots. Many times when I shot my video I realized that I did not have quite the variety I desired.

The video about Ozark Mountain Biscuits is where I felt I grew the most. I focused on getting a variety of shots and sort of planned the video as I went so that I would ensure I had what I needed.

I thought the final project turned out great. It was visually appealing as well as informative, which is the goal of our whole project.

I hope to use my knowledge of how people’s minds process video to better assess what works for advertising purposes.

Unfortunately the only thing in the class that I felt should be changed is something I am quite sure cannot be changed. The quizzes cover too much material. It is impossible to expect us to read all of the material for every single one of the quizzes. We have just too much going on.

Overall, this was my favorite journalism class so far. It taught me a lot about multimedia as well as story telling. This class I learned more about being a journalist than any other journalism class here at Mizzou.

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