We Give Voice to Those Who Cannot Shout


Censoring journalism is the most detrimental thing a society can do for itself.

While the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, photography was completely banned. In many other countries with underdeveloped governments or dictatorships journalism is hindered or even entirely blocked.

“Frame by Frame” is a documentary about the recent advances in journalism in Afghanistan. To know more about the film, watch http://www.upworthy.com/dear-religious-extremists-the-cameras-are-staying-and-thats-final-2?c=upw1.

This film is interesting because of its timing. As troops pull out of Afghanistan, so does international media. The work of internal journalists is more important than ever.

After a time of censorship, “Frame by Frame” follows four photojournalists who refuse to be silenced.

Now that the Taliban’s reign is over journalism is allowed to flourish.

Censorship has so many repercussions. No matter how much people complain about the media and their negative affects on society, the positive affects are irreplaceable.

Disseminating information is an important part of society.  Journalists are watchdogs and must be able to get information to the public or there can’t be change.

Corrupt governments, crime, and injustice can only be brought down if no one knows about it.

Censorship doesn’t just hurt this generation but also the next as they live with no documentation of their history.

As Afghanistan moves forward, a chunk of their history will only have been covered by those outside their own country. That is the result of censorship.

Today other countries face the same problem, which poses the questions: how do we document events? and how does the public spark change?

Without uncensored journalism those questions cannot be fulfilled.

Pulitzer Prize winner Massoud Hossaini says, “We try to be voice for those people who cannot shout.”

Journalism gives people voices, and with those voices inspires change.

Hossaini mentions that during the time of censorship in Afghanistan everyone tried to record whatever they could just to have some sort of documentation.

Citizen journalism can help get a nation through a time of censorship. As technology advances, so does the ability of citizen journalists.

Citizen journalism can help fight censorship that the world still sees today. With just a phone anyone can video or photograph an event.

These kinds of people can be the voice to those who cannot shout.

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