Trying to be Good

Taste is the best weapon of someone who wants to be successful in a creativity-based industry.

Artists may create something that is not great, but their taste allows them to recognize the fact that it did not live up to their expectations.

Ira Glass advices anyone who is in any kind of creative work to fight against the struggle of the phase where your work does not match your taste in the video Ira Glass on Storytelling,

Glass hit the nail on the head, and every person in the industry can attest to that.

What is great about being creative is that you have these awesome visions of how something should turn out, but it is hard to perfect the process of making your vision come to life.

I think executing the vision is the hardest part of being successful in our industry. So many people give up because they can’t achieve their vision.

It’s a frustrating feeling knowing that the product does not live up to your own expectations.

I struggle with this constantly. Writing was the first medium that I felt successful at, yet I still feel my work does not live up to my expectations sometimes.

We are in a constant battle of trying to be good.

In a certain sense I disagree with Glass’ sentiment that artists ever get out of this phase. No matter how good someone gets, there is always some aspect that can be improved upon, that does not live up to your original idea.

I feel like artists compromise their original vision and sort of forget that when the final product comes out.

With that said, I do not think that these products are bad. I think that nothing is perfect, thus everything can be improved upon.

Glass says the only way to improve is gathering a huge volume of work. I completely agree. The best way to improve is repetition and practice.

Elementary school teachers that always tell their student practice makes perfect isn’t too far off. A better version would be practice makes really great, and that is the endless cycle of the creative process.


Ira Glass is an American radio personality who relays his advice on trying to be good in a video on Vimeo.

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